Transmission system

Transmission system

A machine consists of a power source and a power transmission system, which provides controlled application of the power. Merriam-Webster defines transmission as an assembly of parts including the speed-changing gears and the propeller shaft by which the power is transmitted from an engine to a live axle.[1] Often transmission refers simply to the gearbox that uses gears and gear trains to provide speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device.[2][3]

In British English, the term transmission refers to the whole drive train, including clutch, gearbox, prop shaft (for rear-wheel drive), differential, and final drive shafts. In American English, however, a gearbox is any device that converts speed and torque, whereas a transmission is a type of gearbox that can be “shifted” to dynamically change the speed-torque ratio such as in a vehicle.

Constant velocity joints

HOLA C.V. Joints are applied for front and rear wheel drive vehicles. HOLA C.V. Joints consist of outer and inner race, separator and balls. C.V. Joints assembly proceeds on manufacturers and being supplied ready to installation into a vehicle. C.V. Joint kit includes all necessary fixing accessories, boot and tube with special grease. The grease should be used for installation of C.V. Joints and it`s enough for all operation life.

Universal joints

Universal joint is featured to provide torque transmission under mutual rejection of drive shaft’s elements by 15° angle. Construction of HOLA universal joints is designed to meet vehicle-manufacturers’ requirements. Body is made of alloy steel and is heat treated to provide pin’s high-surface hardness. Needle rollers and outer race of bearings are produced from special bearing steel and are heat treated as well. Bearing seals are made of petrol-and-oil resistant rubber and provide reliable sealing of units in working process.

Clutch parts

Clutch is designed to transfer the torque from engine to transmission.
For convenient vehicle service the range of clutch parts is presented either as clutch kit, which consist of cover, driven disc and clutch release sleeve assembled with bearing or separate parts – driven disc or clutch release sleeve.


WarrantyTo confirm high qulity of autoparts LONG LIFE WARRANTY program has the longer warranty period of the HOLA auto parts. So, the aim of the company to give the customers products that are reliable and of high quality by the reasonable price, is totally confirmed.