Brake pads and shoes

Brake pads for disc and drum brakes are most important elements of vehicle brake system. Brake pad consists of back plate and friction lining formed on it. If required, springs are fixed on back plate, which prevents noise of pads moving in caliper during driving. Friction lining material is a complex mixture which includes at least five components. One of it is non-ferrous metal facings for heat removing from contact surfaces of disc or drum. Back plate is manufactured from steel which is galvanized to prevent corrosion. HOLA ™ brake pads correspond to Regulation №13 (GOST R 41.13-99) and №90 UNECE (GOST R 41.90-99) requirements.

    Consumer’s advantages of HOLA™ brake pads:
  • High efficient braking
  • Constant friction coefficient during heating
  • Low noise level during braking
  • Wear resistance margin is calculated in a way to provide minimal wear of brake discs and drums
  • High strength of back plate and lining adhesion
  • Estimated operating life of brake pads is more than 30 000 km run, of brake shoes - more than 70 000 km run*.

* We recommend to change spare parts according to vehicle manufacturers recommendations. Designed service life is set on the basis of the results of stand tests and can possibly vary depends on driving conditions.


WarrantyTo confirm high qulity of autoparts LONG LIFE WARRANTY program has the longer warranty period of the HOLA auto parts. So, the aim of the company to give the customers products that are reliable and of high quality by the reasonable price, is totally confirmed.