Ignition system

Spark plugs

Spark plug HOLA consists of metal body, fixed insulator, contact rod, center and ground electrodes. Interference-suppression resistor is situated between contact rod and center electrode. Electrodes are made of nickel alloy with copper core, which increases the heat removing and improves spark plug thermo elasticity. There are paddings of refractory metal (platinum, iridium) in spark gap on center or both electrodes of several spark plugs, which are resistant to electrochemical erosion, that extends operating life of spark plugs by several times.

Ignition leads

Ignition leads are made of electric conductor, insulator and metal connector, closed with caps.


WarrantyTo confirm high qulity of autoparts LONG LIFE WARRANTY program has the longer warranty period of the HOLA auto parts. So, the aim of the company to give the customers products that are reliable and of high quality by the reasonable price, is totally confirmed.