Ignition leads

Ignition leads are made of electric conductor, insulator and metal connector, closed with caps.
Insulating layer made ​​of high quality synthetic material is used to ensure high quality, reliability and durability of HOLA ™ ignition leads from Prime Technology series. Ignition leads from Intense Technology series are produced with two insulating layers of silicone rubber and carbon conductive core. Contact connectors of copper alloy do not oxidize and provide reliable joint of ignition system parts. Sealing of joints is made with thermoplastic caps with high insulating properties. Ignition lead diameter is 7 mm. Technology for HOLA ™ ignition leads manufacturing provides for using of advanced materials. High quality is ensured by production automation and effective organization of quality control. Manufacturing is organized in full accordance with ISO9001 requirements.

    Consumer’s advantages of HOLA™ ignition leads:
  • Ensure more powerful spark plug operating;
  • Smooth engine ignition in high humidity and low temperatures conditions;
  • Better dynamic performance and efficiency of vehicle. Reduced engine pollutant emissions.
  • Smooth engine running under no-load conditions;
  • No electromagnetic interference during engine running.
  • Estimated operating life of ignition leads is more than 36 months or 50 000 km run*.

* We recommend to change spare parts according to vehicle manufacturers recommendations. Designed service life is set on the basis of the results of stand tests and can possibly vary depends on driving conditions.


WarrantyTo confirm high qulity of autoparts LONG LIFE WARRANTY program has the longer warranty period of the HOLA auto parts. So, the aim of the company to give the customers products that are reliable and of high quality by the reasonable price, is totally confirmed.