Driving belts

Production of HOLA drive belts includes using advanced materials and technologies. Flexible and heat resistant rubber mixture ensures full protection to oil and heat actions. Polyester fiber of counter winding inside chloroprene rubber with high flexibility and short elongation provides excellent resistance to fatigue and shock loads. Round tooth profile: arch top and rounded angles ensure equal elongation load and equal connection between pulley groove and belt edges which prolongs life-living of belt and decreases pulley wear. Modified standard tooth profile used in specific HOLA belts ensures decrease and equal spread of temperature and bending loads. Proper lateral rigidity guarantees high resistance to belt shifts on pulley. High-accuracy standard tooth is made with exact teeth pitch. Uniform chemical compounds and thickness of lower layer of cord provide smooth and no-noise run. Automatic production guarantees high quality.

    Customer benefits of HOLA drive belts:
  • High tension quality;
  • Improved tooth profile;
  • Resistance to environment;
  • High durability.
  • Designed service life minimum 3 years or 100 000 km mileage*.

* We recommend to change spare parts according to vehicle manufacturers recommendations. Designed service life is set on the basis of the results of stand tests and can possibly vary depends on driving conditions.


WarrantyTo confirm high qulity of autoparts LONG LIFE WARRANTY program has the longer warranty period of the HOLA auto parts. So, the aim of the company to give the customers products that are reliable and of high quality by the reasonable price, is totally confirmed.