Corporation merger

Dutch companies, WEEN B.V. research and production company and H&H Groep engineering company, announced about passed consolidation aimed to expend business and financial opportunities, strengthen distribution channels as well as their positions in world markets.

Newly joint company got the name WEEN H&H B.V. and is trademark holder of WEEN® и HOLA® brands.

As before WEEN® brand`s auto spare parts will be produced with participation of Toyota Tsusho Corporation on manufacturers authorized by Japanese corporation; HOLA® brand`s auto spare parts will follow original developing strategy. Each of the brands will keep the current distribution network, price policy as well as product range and technology features.

Representatives of joint company suggested that this step would bring essential optimization of logistic and financial processes of company which would provide significant flexibility in relationships with customers. Due to consolidation of management structure, the company intends to improve control system, enhance quality control of production, while by using technical innovations, HOLA products will improve consumer properties, including increase of manufacturer`s warranty.

Updated HOLA products line produced by WEEN H&H B.V. joint company will be identified by new package for consumers and trading partners, implemented in new HOLA® brand style.

Precontacts and preagreements with trading partners, distributors and dealers will keep its legitimacy and authority. Distribution networks of both brands will still operate independently from each other as before.