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LONG LIFE WARRANTY program is a complex of measures focused on modernization of production system and products quality control.


Quality Due to the conception of HOLA trademark developing, WEEN H&H B.V. company informs about the starting of LONG LIFE WARRANTY project that is going to update the systems of manufacturing and managing the quality of the products. Products made under LONG LIFE WARRANTY program will have developed consumer properties that will make the operation life of the HOLA auto parts longer.


Warranty To implement LONG LIFE WARRANTY program company WEEN H&H B.V. combines authorized service garages, shops and internet platforms, working with HOLA brand, into a single guarantee system in which car owners who use HOLA auto parts can always count on professional help from staff of LONG LIFE WARRANTY participants. Employees of companies included in LONG LIFE WARRANTY program take course of technical training that allows them to efficiently and quickly reply to any question of car owners.